Our Team

The is the talented team behind WageUpOKC! Take a look!

The Team

(back row) Haley, Sarah, Kate, Gary, Olivia, Micah – (front row) Ryleigh, Evelyn, Lizzie, Campbell – Abigail (not pictured)

The WageUpOKC team consists of over ten high school freshmen that have committed to the organization. WageUpOKC is divided into several departments that each take responsibility for a different aspect of the organization.


(back row) Haley, Olivia, Kate, Lizzie – (front row) Evelyn, Campbell

The Outreach Team is in charge of contacting potential partners. They research potential businesses who might like to partner with us and attend meetings with them!

Social Media

Ryleigh, Lizzie

Our social media team keeps you up-to-date with everything WageUp on all of your favorite socials! Check out WageUpOKC on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!


Abigail, Micah

The Writing Team is responsible for writing the short paragraphs for our partners you can find in the Our Partners page. They also write anything else the organization needs.



Sarah is the manager of WageUpOKC. She organizes team meetings, sends thank-you letters to new partners, and researches the latest facts to keep the organization up-to-date. Sarah had a big part in creating WageUpOKC and helps connect and coordinate each team together.



Gary manages and creates the website you are on right now! He also helps with any technical issues that might concern WageUpOKC. If you have an idea on how we could improve our website, please Contact us!